Boiler Water Treatment

FAQs - Boiler Water Treatment

In  any boiler system, there are several fundamentally different problems that may develop. Some problems may specifically affect only the  waterside boiler surfaces, economizers, or condensate system, but all will  ultimately adversely affect the overall HW or steam­ system cycle  and  raise the cost of doing business. These  various problems may arise under several different circumstances.For example, difficulties may result from consistently poor operational control of the boiler plant or from enforced operating conditions  that  fall outside generally accepted procedures. Alternatively, problems  may  stem from malfunctioning equipment, from equipment design flaws, from  inadequate water treatment programs, or even as a result of poor  interpretation  of monitored results and bad water treatment advice. 

Not  all the problems that arise are clear­cut; in fact, one problem  may  often mask another problem or several minor problems may  prove  to be interdependent—providing a chain of cause and effect

Types of problem that can occur:

  • Deposition, which limits heat transfer 
  • Corrosion, which damages and eventually destroys metal 
  • Fouling, which impedes steam­water flow 
  • Contamination, which adversely affects steam purity